Sunday, November 20, 2011

+ In exclusive the picture of Per Yngve Ohlin and his little brother Anders +


Arkham Demon said...

PELLE!!!!!......... Per de niñoy donde lo conseguiste

絶命 said...

Hi, my name is Soleil, I'm from the blog: and i read your message, i don't visit my blog very often and i don´t see the impact of the Dead's suicide from your point of view, you're right, now that I see the picture again, I think is wrong and so cruelly show it, now I'm making some changes , thank you very much.
PD: I'm so sorry, my english is so bad.

Anonymous said...

Do Per have a Brother? What's his name?

Anonymous said...

Oh, i see, Anders!

+ Per Yngve Ohlin Site + said...

Yes he has a brother five hears younger than Pelle :)
-Dark Hel