Wednesday, August 22, 2012

+ Letters written by Per Yngve Ohlin +

Here is the translation but not so correct. I hope someone can help me to translate it: 

Near to the drawing: Gulf at inconvenient hours of Poo burning mountain

This with a less successful note: Well! Unfortunately, we assumed the radio broadcast would go to anal forest and we were almost right. We have prescriptive right to the program there but it was a little too "?". We might perhaps be to have that before we dear on the turn, as where we are taping the shit. Honestly, therefore, why did you bring "Entombed" on the front of the number of (neganas?) you sent to us out? It's not my department that germanium about what to print in your newspaper, but why did? Did you not Uffe and Drutt were then? One thing that had to perform high at turning himself was when I got to watch on Morbid mag with an interview with a thin again. Uffe hated you Ronny more than black metal before and (shacka?) shit so his teeth became red on Tryouts and as you can see an interview with the folding pictures and everything. But should be good to address gay newspapers (ha ha!). (I'm pretty sure that Karlèn, that kind of close contacts eh?). I think I'll find some club in Holland (Movie Country) when we play there so do not write to a geek about gigs there! But maybe is earache that determine everything about every where the hell those things will tour. I can think that Uffe spread the crap about Unleashed just because Johnny is with (?)

Hail it!

Dead Goat writes. You never said anything about who you wrote, but in any case, I usually answer most questions from svèdorszag eh. Speaking of Satanism, it is in any case I'm not an expert of the subject. I can not say that I am a Satanist, because I don't have years with someone and cult or sect anyone at all and I'm not exactly successful as a "magician". I have tested a helder rituals etc.. But absolutely nothing has worked. What made me become någolunda intesting of magic was Satanist men black art. Being able to curse them knowing and spreading death and destruction of surrounding himself sound like sweet music in my spirit's eye and I have for some reason always hated Christian lady and its brainless and followed spineless which in its mild ignorant hatred is happy and blessed aesthetically appealing to clan has some of its own. But what kind of magic it is, but it must start with special simple but instructive dices you know if you're doing magic. I've seen some supernatural but I have not managed to come from to what it really is.

Well Mogge! Here are the answers and questions.

I hope you are okay and that you can use. How the hell did you hear about Morbid? I want it to be unknown fuck! I think too many idiots have heard from some. But I can say to those who want to know and I know, but I do not want to spread it! Ok? We hope that we can achieve a 7" in the winter when there is enough sunlight, or whatever it's called, like Entombed disgusting that they were playing on his feet inside. Will not be sold in record stores fuck and you can not have it in Europe (hehe!). Then no, I've heard it can get. I want to buy a lot of individuals who give away for a few friends in Europe who want it. Would there be a big spread here, so that every son of a bitch would know Morbid. The best thing of all is that we should not single out Morbid if not in the original line up. I Jensa, John a new drummer that I've never heard of. But you've never heard of this, okay? Euro. I've probably told the "turning point", what happens if the Greeks extracted grains so he who organize in Turkey, you take care of it. France has been canceled, so we opted for Bulgaria. Instead of Turkey-Greece-France-Netherlands and perhaps Germany. When we get to cook, so it takes a little 'less than 2 neckor before, so you've got it, 20 (4?) Concert November you wrote to Euro. I have not yet figured out how the hell do I cook when I'm hungry. If we miss on that tour, I'll send you a postcard. I can not draw. However, it is out there for jewelry to be made at the time. I will try to send shit later, but I do not know where the fuck your year expires. At this time we do not have pictures, unfortunately for everyone! I'm sorry, but I can send live shots later. I have the latrine so we are clearly visible in Gothenburg or something at the end of November. 


NAZGUL said...

dead musical taste was a great inspration to me since 2008, even i listen to first wave black metal and old school death metal since 2002, but was in 2008 when i started do read his interviews and saw the great musical taste he had, bands like necrovore, parabellum, sadistik exekution, this is the best evil black metal from the 80's.

i dont know why he hated entombed, because left hand path is a evil dark death metal album, and brutal too.

i feel the same about dead, when he said that he didnt belong to this world. i think i'm not fit in this world too. but i will not to kill myspace, only if i finish in misery, suffering pain of hungry i will myself. i feel that i dont belong to the earth, because i studied about nazi occultism, gnosticism etc and saw that the world it is a war between 2 forces, the sionism(demiurge racee) against the aryans(anti cosmic race), so one side see me like goyim and want to eliminate me, other side want to eliminate me because i have schizophrenia an d nazis dont accept any weak human living in the world, because they want to create a super human race to start the war against demiurge.

so, i really dont fit in this world. i hate all humans, because i see that everbody is against me in this world. i hate all people i know, expect people from my family. i see all ex ''friends'' like enemies. i'm complete isolated guy. and death metal, black metal, is my force to continue my life in hatred. instead of killing myself, i will live dont giving a shit about what happens in earth, i dont give a shit about politics, society, all this are crap. i live only for death/black metal underground, like dead lived. dead was a true death/black metaller, but his depression destroyed him. i'm from south america, sorry my crappy english.

+ Per Yngve Ohlin Site + said...

Wow!! that's great!! we have an old listener of Black since the first 2000s :) and an interviewer :) nice to meet you man and welcome on the blog!!! He mostly hated Entombed because he never tolerated Drutt's behaviour. During gigs so to speak. i understand you man. Humans are terrible most of the time and it's not easy for me neither but i'm here and i fight everyday to remain in this world because i want so many answers from life, i think it's important. so, are you a nazi? i'm not so much into politic like Morbid did. It's sickening the fact that just because a person is different can't be accepted by this society. Don't feel inferior if you are not perfect like Nazis want to. Be proud the person you are. Always. You are not the only one who hate this world. Trust me. So many people don't fit here but we have to fight :) It's not a crappy english :) i understand it!!
-Dark Hel

NAZGUL said...

no i'm not nazi, but since 2012 i studied about hiperborean gnosis, a very old belief used by third reich, so i discovered many things about this wolrld, the fake of christianity, the way that the jews see the goyim etc but i saw that i dont fit in this world, because i'm not jew and i'm not perfect person to me accepted in nazi society.

but, politics and society are shit. i will talk about dead. i'm a guitarrists and i play some other instruments too, like keyboard, drums, bass, but my main instrument is guitar. i grew up a lot as a guitarrists, when i discovered dead musical taste. and i saw that, one of the dead's influences was early sepultura, early sepultura was a great impact on me since 2002, the morbid visions album is total darkness.

even fenriz(darkthrone) beeing so diferent than dead, reading fenriz interviews, a saw that the musical taste of fenriz for black metal was like dead musical taste, the first wave black metal bands, like sarcofago, parabellum, necrovore, merciless, possessed etc and read fenriz and dead interviews, was a big influence to me as a guitarrist.

i play like the 80's black metal, i like de mysteriis too, but to play something like de mysteriis the guy have to know the things in guitar that snorre knew, because euronymous didnt did that album alone. i like some bands that play in de mysteriis way, like ondskapt and behexen. and i see that de mysteriis was the album that represents dead dark feelings

i think dead only lived with euronymous because he was too young. because euronymous always said to him ''you should kill yourself'' somethings like that. i think euronymous had some sociopathic behaviour. i lived many years having ''friendship'' with a sociopath too, but i grew up, learned about misanthropy, and nowadays i'm in a war against this guy, he starded it, i have some knives with me to defend myself. i think dead was a brave man, if he has been in my place, he would kill his enemy so fast. dead was a really brutal person, he had nothing to loose in his life.

+ Per Yngve Ohlin Site + said...

Ah good that you are not a Nazi. Yeah i understand that you can't tolerate many things in this society but like i always say in the Per Yngve Ohlin Tribute Page on Facebook, Pelle wasn't so negative as a person, he was a guy full of dark humour also!! he liked to have a laugh one or two. About musical taste, heavier the better about Dead. He really appreciated all the bands you mentioned. knives with you? why? Have you fear he can kill you? oh god that is terrible!! i'm sure that Pelle understood his mistakes in his life and he discovered so many things now about the past. i'm sure about this.

NAZGUL said...

yes, my enemy sent many death threats to me since 2012, and in 2012 he throwed a rock on me when i was very weak and drunk in street, mixed the fact i was drunk with medication that i'm forced to take. i stop drinking this year. he lives in a building next to the builind i live. i started to walk with knives since 2006, because in time of school people used to beat me, so when i knew about inner circle, dead, euronymous, varg etc i starded to used knives to defend myself, because i didnt know after knowing about old mayhem etc that there was so brutal people in this world. it's was a inspiration to me. so, i'm in a total war against this guy

+ Per Yngve Ohlin Site + said...

Please never misk alcohol with medications because can be really bad!! a person i know has your same problem and it's really hard. Damn, bullying sucks. I always been bullied because i was different. I suffered by strong panic attacks and depression but people of my age never understood why i behaved in a certain way and high school period sucked a lot. Good that you stop drinking!! it's really good and don't hesitate to ask help if you need it. It's important.