Monday, October 22, 2012

+ Interview with Ika Johannesson, Erik Danielsson and Daniel Ekeroth on SVT (Svenska TV) +

Ika: Back to Morbid. Tell me about them. 

Erik Danielsson: Morbid were ... i can say one of the first? Yes, one of the first bands that had the same tendence of Bathory. You could see the influence of darkness and something hard in some way. They borrowed a lot of speed and thrash metal material. Just in terms of image, Pelle "Dead" was the singer from Stockholm. He was probably 17 years old. He published the first demo. They played in youth centers to Haninge. They brought with them coffins and smoke machines. The other bands did not have them either. Bathory never played live.

Daniel Ekeroth: They played in some leisure center and dragged in a way as if you had the need to do so.

Erik Danielsson: They never tried to imitate bands like Wasp or Mercyful Fate. It was his inventions, his expression. He made the band special and became a cult very quickly.

Daniel Ekeroth: It was all different. Few years ago there has been a release.

Ika: Where it contains all the recordings. Now! It was 1986-1987. That's when it has been recorded it. Then the singer went to Norway with Mayhem and started the Black Metal scene there. When you think Black Metal you think Norway,but it was widespread in Sweden in 1990. The shows were to new levels. How would you describe the scene? How did you develop on stage?

Erik Danielsson: I think Quorthon of Bathory released the disc before Pelle "Dead" entered in Mayhem who made the Norwegian black metal interesting.

Daniel Ekeroth: Mayhem was something completely different before Pelle.

Ika: It can be said therefore did the Norwegian black metal come from Sweden?

Erik Danielsson: It's a fact.


Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic site and its great to hear what Erik says about Morbid and such! Where can I find the rest of this interview? Would you be able to post a link? Thanks!

+ Per Yngve Ohlin Site + said...

Yeah it was a great interview about a show with Ika to the SVT tv. But i recently discovered SVT staff removed the video. They told only this about Pelle Ohlin but i don't know if there is on Youtube the entire show. I have so many doubts.