Friday, October 5, 2012

+ Words By Fredrik Karlèn Of Merciless About Pelle +

Fredrik Karlèn: " During recordings, guys of Mayhem came here to do headbanging in the studio, it was funny!! I'll never forget !!! I have seen Mayhem only in picture and i expected guys tall 2 meters, drunk and ready weapons. It wasn't like that!! First Pelle entered in the house with his long legs and blond hair, while the other two short people, with black hair, were behind him. Looked like a scene of Lord Of The Rings with Gandalf and two Hobbits!! Pelle was continuing to talk about absurd things he experimented inside the house in Norway, while Øystein was drinking coca-cola. He was talking about a Merciless tour in east Europe. Necrobutcher instead was a cool guy who wanted to drink always whisky. Mayhem were great guys at that time. They looked happy when they came back in Norway with the master of The Awakening in the trunk of their car and the dice who were hanging in the rearview mirror. That's true!! Damn!! Pelle i miss you".

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