Monday, April 8, 2013

+ 8th april +

Tjena Dark Creatures!!

For people who don't know why i said this is because i always tell this to Pelle Fans on the tribute page on Facebook.
Today is 22 years who Pelle Ohlin left this world and dimension and he always remain near to us somehow. Wherever you are Pelle, This is only for you, what i'm doing, tribute page is only for you Pelle and for your memory who needs to be alive in the time. 
I really hope that Dark Creatures can see you one day in the beyond where you are. 

Rest In Peace Per Yngve Ohlin.

8th april 1991 - 8th april 2013

22 Years Of Absence.

Keep his memory alive in the time.

Dark Hel 

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Anonymous said...

RIP Dead, you changed my life like no other.