Monday, January 16, 2017

+ Happy Birthday Pelle +

After so much time i want to say Happy Birthday to this great Black Metal Singer of all time. He deserves all the respect from his fans and i think with the Tribute Page we reached a very awesome result!!! I'm very happy i have reached more than 14000 fans from all around the world. Thank you to everyone!!! 

Happy Birthday Per Yngve Ohlin!!!

16 january 1969 - 8 april 1991 


Anonymous said...

Hey, are you done with this blog? :(

+ Per Yngve Ohlin Site + said...

For some copyright reasons, i can't publish new exclusive picture outside Facebook. Check the Tribute Page for new pictures!!!

-Dark Hel

KTO said...


Darth Maul said...

i always wanted in my life to play in De mysteriis style, but with Dead-like vocals, like in Live in leipzig. I never went too far, only did 3 songs in this style. It's not easy like most metalheads think, it's not simplistic. It's not easy to do something full of emotions etc i have been always a thrash metal guitar player since 2002. But thinking a lot since last 2 years, i feel that a song like FREEZING MOON, even being the first norwegian black metal song, written in 1989, this song has a darkness that remind a lot of later stuff, like Goat Molestor, Krypts from finland, something like very cold death metal, basic dark atmospheres and not about brutality and thrashy riffs like most death metal is. I am thinking in doing an album in this style, sometimes i do music only like a hobbie, not for serious think, just to do the time pass. This style i can play.

Many times i walked in winter, in empty desolated places at night, like 1:00 am etc night of fullmoon, listening to stuff like LIVE IN LEIPZIG, the feeling is something unique, PAGAN FEARS is the most deep song in my opinion, Pelle did the most poetic lyric in my opinion, on this song. He had his own interpretation about how ancient world was, pagan beliefs etc and he was right if people dig in occult they will find very dark stuff not only ''odin stuff''. There always had been a lot of misanthropy in this world.