Sunday, April 8, 2018

+ Rest In Peace Pelle +

After some years here I am again with a new post finally. It has passed so much time and well 7 years since I created this blog for people who are not on Facebook and maybe they can't see all my posts. I hope to write more often but I don't know. Anyway today is a sad day for Pelle and his family. 27 years without him are too much to deal with. We lost a great musician, singer and a talented lyricist. On April 8 is not simply dead a person but a real black metal vocalist. We all know and appreciated instantaneously the Freezing Moon lyrics. Poetic, sad like a normal Edgar Allan Poe's ones but with something more. A real contact with the moon, like was possible touch her and follow its light in the dark. The moon like a cold creature that enlights all the ground. The moon of Pelle's. And then other amazing lyrics like "Funeral Fog" describing the Transylvanian woods and darkness. The fog that makes you blind and you hear voices from afar, maybe from another dimension. Yes, these were the favourite Pelle's themes in his lyrics and it will be remembered for many years to come.

Rest in Peace Per Yngve Ohlin
Forever Missed.

-Dark Hel

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